Chinlon monofilament

Short Description:

Standard width: 100mm- 1700mm
(Warp: PP600D
weft : PA φ 0.30mm
Thickness : 0.65mm土5%
Weight ; 270g/mi 土5%
Strength :warp≥3200N/5*20CM
Elongation :warp≤55

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product purpose

The placemat is mainly used in fabric calendering and carcass, and it is also well used in the other aspects.

Product feature

The product has smooth surface, lowl hygroscopicity, and high strength of lengthways and longitudinally. The palcematis anti-static, and has good resilience and isolation performance. And it can be repeated used over 2000 times.

Product process

It has been plain weaving with high strengthpolypropylene filament yarn and chinlon monofilament, thencleared the batting and impurities on the cloth by flamesingeing, and then completed by high temperature setting, shrinking and wrinkle removing.

Raw materials

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